Purchase Manager/Executive

Ahmedabad, India

As a Purchase Executive at Ksquare Energy, you will play a vital role in managing the procurement process for all solar products required for residential solar power plant projects. Reporting to the Procurement Manager, you will be responsible for sourcing suppliers, negotiating contracts, and ensuring timely delivery of high-quality products to meet project requirements. Your primary focus will be on maintaining optimal inventory levels, minimizing costs, and maximizing value while adhering to quality standards and project timelines.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Supplier Sourcing and Management:

  • Identify and evaluate potential suppliers of solar products, including solar panels, inverters, switchgears, and BoS components, to ensure reliability, quality, and cost-effectiveness.
  • Establish and maintain strong relationships with suppliers, negotiate contracts, and manage vendor performance to ensure adherence to quality, delivery, and pricing agreements.

2. Purchase Planning and Forecasting:

  • Collaborate with project managers, engineers, and other stakeholders to develop purchase plans and procurement strategies based on project requirements, timelines, and budgetary constraints.
  • Conduct demand forecasting and inventory analysis to determine optimal stocking levels and ensure availability of required solar products for residential solar power plant projects.

3. Purchase Order Processing:

  • Generate purchase orders for solar products based on approved requisitions, project specifications, and supplier agreements.
  • Review and verify purchase orders for accuracy, completeness, and compliance with company policies and procurement procedures.

4. Price Negotiation and Cost Management:

  • Negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions with suppliers to obtain competitive rates and favorable terms for solar products.
  • Monitor and analyze market trends, pricing fluctuations, and currency exchange rates to identify cost-saving opportunities and mitigate risks.

5. Quality Assurance and Compliance:

  • Ensure compliance with quality standards, technical specifications, and regulatory requirements for solar products, including certifications and approvals.
  • Conduct supplier audits, inspections, and quality checks to verify product quality and adherence to specifications.

6. Logistics and Inventory Management:

  • Coordinate with logistics and warehouse teams to arrange transportation, delivery, and receipt of solar products at project sites.
  • Monitor inventory levels, track stock movements, and implement inventory control measures to optimize stock turnover and minimize carrying costs.

7. Documentation and Reporting:

  • Maintain accurate records of procurement activities, purchase orders, contracts, and supplier correspondence using procurement software and systems.
  • Prepare regular reports and updates on procurement performance, key metrics, and supply chain KPIs for review by management.
Customer Relationship
Personal Evolution
Administrative Work
Technical Expertise


  • Supplier Identification and Evaluation
  • Purchase planning and Market Research
  • Relationship Management and Risk Management
  • Negotiate and contract Management
  • Documentation and Record Keeping

Must Have

  • Bachelor's Degree / Diploma in Electrical
  • Minimum 1 year experience of solar product
  • Good knowledge of solar products
  • Highly creative and autonomous
  • Good in Customer relationship management

Nice to have

  • Experience in writing online content
  • Additional languages
  • Google Ad words experience
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Good in Sales and Purchase

What We Offer

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A full-time position
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