Tele Caller - Solar Projects

Ahmedabad, India

As a Tele Sales Executive at Ksquare Energy, you will play a vital role in driving sales growth and revenue generation through proactive outreach and tele sales efforts. Reporting to the Sales Manager, you will be responsible for generating leads, qualifying prospects, and converting them into customers through effective sales pitches and follow-up strategies. Your primary objective will be to achieve sales targets, build relationships with clients, and contribute to the overall success of the sales team.

Key Responsibilities:

1. Lead Generation and Prospecting:

  • Conduct outbound calls to prospective customers to generate interest in Ksquare Energy's solar energy products and services.
  • Utilize various lead sources, including databases, referrals, and inbound inquiries, to identify potential customers and opportunities for sales.

2. Qualification and Needs Assessment:

  • Engage with prospects to understand their needs, requirements, and pain points related to solar energy solutions.
  • Qualify leads based on predefined criteria and assess their potential as viable sales opportunities.

3. Sales Pitch and Presentation:

  • Deliver compelling sales pitches and presentations to prospects, highlighting the features, benefits, and value proposition of Ksquare Energy's products and services.
  • Tailor sales pitches to address the specific needs and interests of each prospect and overcome objections effectively.

4. Relationship Building and Follow-Up:

  • Build rapport and establish trust with prospects through ongoing communication, follow-up calls, and personalized interactions.
  • Maintain accurate records of sales interactions, customer details, and follow-up activities in CRM software.

5. Sales Closing and Conversion:

  • Drive sales closure by persuasively articulating the value proposition and benefits of Ksquare Energy's offerings.
  • Negotiate terms, pricing, and contracts with prospects to secure sales agreements and achieve revenue targets.

6. Sales Reporting and Performance Tracking:

  • Track and report on sales activities, key metrics, and pipeline progress to the Sales Manager and senior management.
  • Analyze sales data and trends to identify opportunities for improvement and optimize sales strategies.



Customer Relationship
Personal Evolution
Administrative Work
Technical Expertise


  • Lead the entire sales cycle, Sales Reporting
  • Achieve monthly sales target, Customer feedback
  • Client/ Customer Relationship Management
  • Negotiate and contract, Market Research

Must Have

  • Diploma in Engineering / Graduate in any stream 
  • Knowledge of our Products
  • Minimum 1 year experience in Solar Industries
  • Highly creative and autonomous

Nice to have

  • Experience in writing online content
  • Understand to customer requirement
  • Good communication skills and  analytical skills
  • Create a healthy bond with customer

What We Offer

Each employee has a chance to see the impact of his work. You can make a real contribution to the success of the company.
Several activities are often organized all over the year, such as weekly sports sessions, team building events, monthly drink, and much more

 Employee Onboarding Trainings

12 days in a year, including
6 of your choice.

Sport Activity

Play any sport with colleagues,
the bill is covered.

The Ksquare Team

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